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Aqua Park Nessebar

Every millimeter in it is designed and built to the highest modern safety standards, with thought and attention to the smallest detail to inspire you to embark on an unforgettable whirlpool of emotions: from a rush of adrenaline to complete relaxation.
Here you will find an incredible variety of slides, pools, rivers, tents, delicious food and drinks. Have real fun every second of your visit.


Nessebar old town

It is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded by the Thracians around 3000 BC and is considered the city in Bulgaria with the most preserved architectural monuments from the Middle Ages. In Old Nessebar there are 23 churches and cultural monuments from different eras.
Today, ancient Nessebar strives to preserve its romantic atmosphere with its narrow cobbled streets, small squares, two-storey houses with stone ground and wooden upper floors, which have external stairs and protrude above the streets, souvenir shops, pubs, taverns and beautiful flower gardens.



The coastline of the municipality is characterized by a combination of rocky shore, small bays, beaches with sand dunes. The spacious beach combined with deciduous forest, favorable sea water temperature and its purity offer optimal conditions for prevention and recovery along the coast of the city. Byala beach is a long, beautiful and wide sandy strip. The sea water is crystal clear, great for bathing and suitable for small children. Byala is an excellent seaside resort where you can spend a wonderful holiday with your family!
The beach of Obzor resort is 5 minutes by car and is about 10 km long and 20 to 60 m wide. The South beach is especially beautiful. The sand is grainy, with a golden color.


Cape St.Atanasii

In the past it was used in different time periods - dating between the IV century BC. and the beginning of the 7th century. In 614 the fortress was burnt down during an invasion of our lands. Nowadays, many of the excavations have been restored, and the models help the overall look of 1400 years ago. The most discovered on the island is an early Christian basilica. Archaeological finds indicate that it dates from the V-VI century. It is surrounded by a massive fence of stones and bricks, which in places reaches a height of 150 centimeters.



It is located on the main road Varna-Burgas, 8 km from the town of Byala before the village of Goritsa. It features many animals such as Peacock, Mongolian Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, King Pheasant, Japanese Quail, Green-headed Duck, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Lama, Cameroon Goat, Mouflon, Wild Boar, Vietnamese Pig, fallow Deer Horse, Pony, Jackal and others.
Goritsa Zoo is built with many alleys and wooden bridges for walking, as well as special observatories for predators. The zoo has a restaurant where you can eat and relax from your trip.


Happy Land

Happy Land is unique with its architecture, design and thematic subdivision. It is located 28 km from the town of Byala on the main road Bourgas-Varna. It combines separate corners, different in theme, decor and equipment with facilities that authentically recreate the respective fairy-tale reality: `` Jungle``, `` Water Park``, `` ATV track``, `` Picnic Barbecue``, `` Gulliver ``, `` Map of Bulgaria``, `` Dino World``, `` Merry Houses``, `` Mexico``, `` City of el Paso``-`` Texas``, `` Tortuga` `.
In addition to the unique fairytale atmosphere, Happy Land Park also includes fast food outlets, a cocktail bar, and convenient parking. Teams of animators take care of the diverse and exciting experiences of the visitors. They will play the roles of popular fairy tale and movie characters, as well as demonstrate a variety of artistic abilities.
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